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What To Buy, What Not To Buy This Weekend

You'll find good values on patio furniture and more this weekend.
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It's Okay To Let Your Baby "Cry It Out"

The baby will not be emotionally damaged.
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Big Changes at Victoria's Secret

Some key products are going away forever!
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Bond. Jane Bond.

It would give a whole new meaning to the phrase "Bond Girl," wouldn't it?
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'Game of Thrones:' Where Things Stand

All things "Game of Thrones" -- a review from Uncle Henry, reading the books vs. watching the show, info on the 6th book.
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Low Sodium Diets are Bad For You?

New research suggests they'll lower blood pressure, but the negatives outweigh the positives
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High School Diploma Misspells "School"

Spell checker! Can't live with it, can't live without it
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Michael Buble' Will Have Vocal Cord Surgery

See what he had to say about it.
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Anthony Bourdain's First Waffle House Visit

The well-traveled foodie finally made it to the Waffle House. So how did he like it?
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Baldwin County Commissioner Charged with DUI

Chris Elliott declined a breathalyzer and issued a statement that actions have consequences.
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