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What Mom Really Wants This Mother's Day

It will be the easiest Mother's Day ever.
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This Photo Is Controversial?

Once again, the internet amplifies the most obnoxious voices
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The Most Disliked Movie Trailer in YouTube History

And it's for a movie that's likely to be a big hit
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One Stretch You Should Do If You Have A Desk Job

Sitting so much is hazardous to your health, but this is something you can do to counteract the ill effects
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No More Prizes Inside a Cracker Jacks Box

See what they're replacing it with.
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Shakespeare is Still Helping Guys Get Dates

You'll get 27% more matches in your dating profile
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See What Classic Game Show is Coming Back

Alec Baldwin will host, as part of ABC's new Sunday Fun & Games programming.
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FOUND: Dog Missing for Ten Years

Found in Brewton, and now getting treatment at Springhill Veterinary Clinic.
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Watch: Prince Makes Kim Kardashian Leave His Stage

ICYMI: This video was making the rounds following Prince's untimely death last week.
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Dear Elders: "I'm Sorry!"

One member of the "Millennials" apologizes for their generation. Think she's on to something?
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