Here's something prospective parents never knew they needed -- a domain name for your bundle of joy. A new website called will let you put in your last name, and then suggest a bunch of possible first names, depending on what internet domains are available.

Let's say Mary Booth is having a baby (she's not, no rumors please). So she puts Booth into the search and gets 10 suggested names and domains back. Think, which is one of the available choices. For $3 more (limited time offer, the website says), you can get 100 more suggestions.

It's pretty cool, and most of the domains weren't that expensive -- $10-$11 per year. You never know if your child grows up to become famous, and suddenly needs a domain name. Or just wants to write a blog. 

Kinda stupid, kinda cool all at the same time. Here's more from Business Insider


(Photos of website, by Mason)