(Photo: Arby's)


Ok, it really doesn't look like that.  That's the poster Arby's had, showing the different types of meat they have, because everyone just thinks roast beef.

But when people started asking for it, they came up with what they're calling the "Meat Mountain" for $10.    The Washington Post  reports that it will consist of:


2 chicken tenders

1.5 oz. of roast turkey

1.5 oz. of ham

1 slice of Swiss cheese

1.5 oz. of corned beef

1.5 oz. brisket

1.5 oz. of Angus steak

1 slice of cheddar cheese

1.5 oz. roast beef

3 half-strips of bacon


And it's not on the menu.  You have to ask for it.  And you may have to tell them what's supposed to be in it.  

Unless Mary's son has been there first.  They'll be very familiar with it, in that case. They'll probably be making them on a daily basis.