For quite a while, Americans have been told to watch the amount of sodium we consume. And it's not easy, because there's a lot of it in processed foods, and in foods at many restaurants. The FDA recommends 2300mg of sodium per day for most people, but for some groups (such as men over 50), they recommend just 1500mg of sodium. On average, Americans consume 3400mg per day.

But new research comes up with a different conclusion altogether. They say current guidelines are too low for otherwise healthy people, and could increase risk of death and major events such as heart attack and stroke. The researchers suggest the danger lies in amounts below 300mg and abover 6000mg. So in their research, the average American diet would be fine. 

Other studies clearly disagree with this conclusion, and this new study has many critics. The American Heart Association stands by its long-held view that the American diet needs less sodium. So take this study with... um, a grain of salt until more study has occurred.


Full story:  Bloomberg

Photo Credit: Dubravko Sorić SoraZG - Flickr via Wikimedia Commons