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WEDNESDAY 2/5/2014

Question: 44 percent of men have flirted with a woman holding this job... what is it?

Answer: A Bank Teller

THURSDAY 2/6/2014

Question: Forty percent of us hate it when a co-corker does this... what is it?

Answer: Takes Their Shoes Off

FRIDAY 2/7/2014

Question: This typically happens twice each year at offices... what is it?

Answer: The Fridge Gets Cleaned

MONDAY 2/10/2014

Question: Six percent of American workers say this is why they don't want to leave their current job... why?

Answer: It's Too Easy

TUESDAY 2/11/2014

Question: On average, women take twice as long as men to do this... what is it?

Answer: Order Food at a Restaurant

WEDNESDAY 2/12/2014

Question: While Nearly A Third Of Women Say "Attractive" Men Tend To Drive Pickup Trucks, Four Percent Said The Attractive Men Drive This... What Is It?
Answer: A Ups Truck

(from an survey of 1006 adult women: 32% said pickup, 27% sports car, 16% SUV, 2% minivan!)

THURSDAY 2/13/2014

Question: Eight percent of women say this is why their last diet failed... why?
Answer: Cold Weather

FRIDAY 2/14/2014

Question: Eleven percent of us will do this on Valentine's Day... what is it?
Answer: Call an Ex