Morning Mindbender: Week of 1/6/2014


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MONDAY 1/6/2014

Something bad happens to 26% of the people who do this in January... what is it?

Working Out

TUESDAY 1/7/2014

In a recent survey, this was the #1 messiest and most annoying thing people do around the house... what is it?
Leaving food particles in the sink

WEDNESDAY 1/8/2014

Question: 40% of us do this every time we watch our favorite football team... what is it?

Answer: Eat the Same (Favorite) Food

THURSDAY 1/9/2014

More than 40% of people under the age of 29 have one of these, although senior citizens a lot more of them ... what is it?
(Source: Gallup Poll)

FRIDAY 1/10/2014

Question: According to a recent survey, nearly 60% of Facebook users have unfriended someone for constantly posting about this... what?

Answer: Their Kids!


Mason has been with Mix 99.9 for 14 years, and an on-air radio personality for over 30 years. Originally from Seattle, Mason came to the Gulf Coast for the job, fell in love with the area, and decided to stay awhile. He’s since earned his Master’s degree from USA (Go Jags!). He married a native Mobilian and lives in Midtown with his wife , daughter, two cats, and a dog.



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