Morning Mindbender: Week of 7/29/2013



* Two tickets to the REWIND FESTIVAL, featuring five of the world's greatest tribute bands doing the music of Bon Jovi, Kiss, Def Leppard, AC/DC and Pearl Jam. The show is Saturday, August 3rd at the Amphitheater at the Wharf. Get Discounted Tickets HERE.

* Two tickets to the TOP OF THE HOPS Beer Festival, presented by Abita -- featuring craft brews from across the country and across the globe. Your ticket includes unlimited 2-oz samplings of more than 150 world class beers. See you Saturday, August 10th from 4pm-8pm on the Lawn at the Wharf Marina.

* All winners will be entered into two VIP access drawings. The first, for REWIND FESTIVAL, included VIP seating and a two-night condo stay, courtesy of Miller Lite. The second includes VIP access to TOP OF THE HOPS.

* Flavor Your Day with a Free Lunch from ATLANTA BREAD, Dauphin just west of I-65.MONDAY 7/29/2013

According to GQ, men do this more often than women... what is it?
Go on a Diet
TUESDAY 7/30/2013
According to a new survey, one-third of men said their ideal woman would be least likely to smoke... what's #2 on the list of things she'd be least likely to do?
Plastic Surgery
WEDNESDAY 7/31/2013
One in five guys do this if they're having a bad day... what is it?

Call Their Mother
THURSDAY 8/1/2013
According to a new survey, one third of singles say this is the most romantic thing you can do on a first date... what is it?
Plan a Surprise
In this new survey from, singles were asked what's most romantic on a first date -- possibly from a list of choices. The results were as follows:
1. A Surprise         34%
2. Holding Hands  27%
3. First Kiss            25%
FRIDAY 8/2/2013
Brides prefer cash, but if you're giving something for the kitchen, this is among the top 5 wedding gifts, according to a recent survey... what is it?
Electric Knife

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