MONDAY 12/16/2013

Question: According to a recent survey, one in three American workers got this in 2013... what is it?
Answer: A Gift From the Boss

TUESDAY 12/17/2013

Question: According to a recent survey, 42% of men and 32% of women buy these at least occasionally. What?

Answer: Lottery Tickets

WEDNESDAY 12/18/2013

Question:More than one in five Americans say this was behind their biggest holiday fight with the family... what is it?

Answer:Board Games

THURSDAY 12/19/2013

Question: Only 10% of Americans do this during the holidays... what is it?

Answer: Cut Down Their Own Christmas Tree

FRIDAY 12/20/2013

Question: Around 85% of families try to make this a yearly holiday tradition...what is it?

Answer: Drive Around to See Christmas Light Displays

MONDAY 12/23/2013

Question: About 1500 people will go to the ER this year after throwing their back out doing this...what is it?

Answer: Decorating the Tree

TUESDAY 12/24/2013

No Question: Christmas Eve!

WEDNESDAY 12/25/2013

No Question: Christmas Day

THURSDAY 12/26/2013

Question: Lottery players were asked what they'd do if they won a big jackpot, and this was the #1 answer.... what is it?

Answer: Start a Business

FRIDAY 12/27/2013

Question: Most Americans don't really care if this happens during the holidays... what is it?

Answer: Their Gifts are Returned (or Regifted)