In Mobile, we have our Moon Pies. In South Korea, they have Choco Pies. They are very similar products. We haven't done a side-by-side taste test, but the basic concept is there: chocolate, marshmallow, between two layers of cake. In fact, the Moon Pie inspired the Choco Pie, thanks to its popularity with American GIs during the Korean War.

Apparently, North Koreans love them!

Problem is, the North Korean government doesn't think much of the Choco Pie's popularity and has basically banned them. Could they really be feeling threatened by something as innocuous as a Moon Pie?

So on Wednesday, South Korean activists arranged an airdrop of Choco Pies into North Korea. It wouldn't be our first choice of food to send to an undernourished country, but it's gotta be a little bright spot in a North Korean's day. Of course, this means that if (or when) North Korea finally does join the rest of the world, we may have to give Pyongyang a hand in starting its own Moon -- er, Choco Pie Drop.

[Photo: Wikimedia Commons (above) / AP Photo via Twitter feed (below)]