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Bike/Walk Through Bankhead Tunnel On Saturday

ALDOT is letting pedestrians and bikers experience the Bankhead Tunnel in a whole new way again this weekend.
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Ten Years Waiting to Get Football Tickets

It's a happy feeling when your Saints season tickets arrive, after waiting ten long years.
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"Someday a woman will be PRESIDENT"

20 years ago, a shirt created a firestorm, leading Walmart to pull it from shelves.
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Governor Bentley Wants a Lottery

Did we hear that right?
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The Letter from The Tooth Fairy He Dreaded

Sure, the little boy got paid for his tooth. But the payment came with a bit of a parental catch.
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Miss Cleo Has Died

The infamous TV psychic was just 53
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Reverse Mentoring is Becoming a Thing

Younger people are mentoring older employees, to help them understand the rapid changes in technology.
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Pokemon Go Causes an International Incident

Well, not quite. But two kids illegally crossed the border in their attempt to catch 'em all.
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HEALTH: How A Hot Bath Can Help You Lose Weight

A hot bath will burn calories and lower blood sugar levels
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Christmas in July Weekend

It’s Hot! And Mix 99.9 wants to cool you down during our Christmas in July Weekend. We’ll sprinkle in some of the best songs of the season, along with our better variety for a better weekend....
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