Gordon Parks: Segregation in Mobile 1956 Coming to Mobile Museum of Art

Mobile Museum of Art

This weekend the Mobile Museum of Art will start showcasing photographs taken by the legendary Gordon Parks. January 16 from 10a-5p admission is free.

Parks is known for his ground breaking photographs, essays and documentaries. In 1956 on assignment for Life magazine Parks would capture some of the most iconic photos of the Jim Crow era. His goal was to use photographs to tell the story of Black life during segregation in Mobile. From everyday activities like going shopping to poverty, a result of racism, Parks photos would live in infamy. These photos would remain a staple in pop culture. Just last year it received a nod on HBO's Love Craft Country.

Mobile County Commissioner Merceria Ludgood was the biggest contributor to the exhibit making it's way to Mobile. Her statement "Live in resistance" still plays on repeat in my head. Catch the full interview below.