Unicorn Frap Gets Bad Rap for Sugar Content

Two disappointments yesterday.... first, my co-workers went out and got the new Unicorn frappuccino and somehow forgot about me!


And then my friend posted this on my Facebook page!!!  (To which I replied, you mean I have to CHOOSE?!)


Or if you'd rather compare it to the sugar overload I grew up on---  


Not everyone is on board, but not because of the sugar content.... even the Washington Post says it tastes like "sour birthday cake and shame".  Thank goodness it's only available for a short time!  


Maybe they're just bitter... or their bodies are not accustomed to the sugar I was raised on.   Frankly, I'm not a fan of all the fancy fraps.... just give me a mocha... or plain coffee.  And the donuts.  

One more note... this guy says, if you love your barista, don't order it.  (I'm getting the feeling we'll be referring to him as "former barista" very soon)



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