Energy Drinks: Is Even ONE Too Much?

For the most part, I'm a coffee drinker.  Massive amounts of black coffee propel me through the day.  But sometimes, on a long drive, I reach for an energy drink.  Now we're hearing that "consuming even one energy drink can have fatal consequences"....huh??

New research shows energy drinks have a bigger impact on your body than other beverages with the same amount of caffeine... affecting both your blood pressure AND your heart's electrical activity.  


This story looks at more than just the effect on your heart... but also your brain.  

And it points out something that athletes should be aware of.... one of the substances common in energy drinks, guarana, is on this year's list of substances banned by the NCAA.

This article quotes a Mayo Clinic doctor who says "Healthy adults who choose to drink energy drinks should not exceed one can per day".  Note.. that only applies to healthy adults.


So what do we do with this?  Maybe think twice about how many we consume or at least be aware of how it affects us.  And after reading these articles, it seems a no-brainer to keep them away from kids.  My teens used to argue that it was no big deal, but don't they argue that about anything you say no to??  


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