What Would You Do If You Found This Ring?

Love this!  I think most of us, if we found something this valuable and this important, would do our best to get it back.

But I just had to smile at Glenn Weddell's reaction...he knows a thing or two about women.  He figured "there is some woman who is really distressed right now. Or maybe, she threw it and she's happy -- I don't know.’ But, my first thought was to get it back to her," Weddell told KCRA.


Most of us would probably call police to see if it's been reported lost or stolen... or post it on Facebook.  This guy just put up signs on the trees in the block where he found it, hoping the owner would come back looking for it.  She did.  


Word of advice for the bride to be... you might need to get that ring sized a little better, if you want to keep it on your finger!


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