New Music Videos for old Elton John Songs

Let's face it... music actually existed long before the era of music videos.  So some songs just never got the music video treatment. 

Elton John wanted to see what would happen if he offered young YouTube talent a shot at $10,000 to do videos for 3 of his most famous song.... Tiny Dancer, Rocket Man, and Bennie & the Jets.  Here's what happened---


I vividly remember watching the early days of MTV... and how the videos transported you into your favorite song.  They made you feel the music at a whole different level.  Some still give me Crosby, Stills and Nash "Southern Cross" and a-ha "Take on Me".  

But songs like "Tiny Dancer" and "Rocket Man" ... we created movies in our minds to these lyrics.  I'm hoping it's not like a movie of your favorite book... not living up to what you created in your head.  I'm hoping for good things... and maybe new life for a lot of older songs!


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