Teen Beats Ellen DeGeneres for Most Retweeted Tweet

So a simple question led to an impossible quest... Carter Wilkerson asked Wendy's how many retweets he'd have to get, for a year of free chicken nuggets.   Their response?  18 million.  


That's more than Ellen DeGeneres got for this tweet-- 


And then, it started happening.  Carter's tweet started picking up steam... to the point that Ellen had him on the show-- 


She gave him some gifts from "The Ellen Show"... but said he'd have to give them back if he beat her.  He just beat her. 


Guiness made it official--


And the prize Carter had been working toward? The nuggets??  

Wendy's awarded Carter his nuggets AND made a $100,00 donation to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.  


Now Twitter can take a break....


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