Gnat Problem? Give Them Red Wine

I don't know where they came from.  But every time I sat down to enjoy a glass of red wine, gnats would start flying around my head.  

They were trying to get the wine.  And frankly, I didn't want to give it to them.  

So my husband started Googling and found some answers on wikiHow.  And we started setting traps.  

You can use wine or vinegar, along with a few drops of dishwashing liquid.  That's what traps them when they try to skim along the top.  

There are also handy tips on how to kill gnats in your drains, using vinegar (or ammonia) and baking soda. 


Our next challenge is figuring out how they got in our house in the first place... but the article has tips on that too!   

Here's to red wine, without gnats!  Cheers!


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