Too Much Caffeine Kills a South Carolina Teen

16 year old Davis Cripes died last month.  He didn't do drugs or alcohol.  He wasn't speeding.  

He died from too much caffeine.

The coroner confirmed Monday that Davis Cripe suffered a "caffeine-induced cardiac event."  He says the 16-year-old drank a large diet Mountain Dew, a McDonald's latte and an energy drink within a two-hour period. The teen collapsed at school and died a short time later at a hospital.


His father is telling teens not to buy energy drinks, because they're very dangerous.  

If you're thinking a soda, a cafe latte and an energy drink doesn't sound like all that much caffeine, read THIS story about how much is too much--- 


I've been having the conversation about energy drinks with my kids... and I've talked to other parents who are doing the same thing.  The problem is, a lot of kids that age think they're invincible. 

Davis was 16.


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