First Date Fail: He Sues Her For Texting During Movie

They met online.  Their first date?  To see "Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 2".  She drove; he paid for the tickets (3D showing, so it was $17.31.  That's important, because that's what he's suing her for.)

She was texting; it annoyed him and he asked her to stop... and finally asked her to go outside the theater.  She left, stranding him.

This is a little of his actual text exchange afterward--


And yes, now he's suing.  Why?  Because, as he sees it, her "behavior is a threat to civilized society".

Seriously, here's the story--  


The writer of "Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2" agreed with Vezmar's lawsuit.  LOL.  


This blogger says a movie is a horrible first date, because you don't get to know the person.  And he says this particular theater was a really bad choice.  


Was she wrong to text in a theater? Duh.  

But I'm thinking what a lot of other women are probably thinking... these were bad date rescue texts.  And they worked.  

And I doubt he'll get many more dates, once they Google this guy.  


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