Be Still My Beating Heart? Just Eat Chocolate!

We give heart-shaped boxes of chocolate to show our love.  And we turn to chocolate to heal a broken heart-- 

But news today that chocolate can help prevent irregular heartbeat... in other words, it's actually good for your heart!


Of course, they recommend dark chocolate.  All I heard was CHOCOLATE.  


And they say it works best if you eat chocolate on a regular basis... though I must disclose here that the results are a bit biased towards men... the biggest risk reduction came when women eat 1 to 2 servings of chocolate a week and when men eat 2 to 6 servings a week.

Seriously?  No fair!  So I'd have to say this headline is a bit misleading-- 


And I should note that they warn against excessive amounts of chocolate, because of sugar and fat... whatever.  I'm just clinging to the "chocolate is good for your heart" part of the study!


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