Google Keeps Track of Words We Ask "How to Spell"

Spelling Bee time always makes me feel inadequate.  Did I spell that right?  

If you're like me, when you're not sure about a word, you Google it... just to make sure before you type it or tweet it (though we all know typos happen, right?  Just look up #covefe.)

Well, it turns out that Google has been keeping track of what people ask.  And it varies widely by state. 

Michigan, Washington, Alabama, and Maine had trouble spelling pneumonia.  In New Hampshire, people have trouble spelling diarrhea.

I can understand needing help with vacuum...receipt... chaos.  But nanny? (Really, Mississippi?!)

The most embarrassing? You'd have to call it a tie between South Dakota, where the most commonly misspelled word is college . . . and Wisconsin, where the most commonly misspelled word is Wisconsin.  

Click on the story below to see what words each state has the most trouble with.   



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