Court Battle Over Cupcakes?

There's a battle brewing over cupcakes.  (I would say "war", but that's trademarked and I don't want to get in legal trouble myself, just trying to be cute!)


So last December, food blogger Elizabeth LaBau of posted a how-to video for her snow globe cupcakes.  (Back in 2014, she posted the recipe and it went viral, with over 740,000 shares on Facebook.)  So she decided to keep the momentum going last Christmas and did the how-to video.

 You can see it here... 


Three weeks later, the Food Network posts its how-to video for snow globe cupcakes.  Here it is--


 LaBau claims the Food Network stole her video concept "shot for shot".  So she's suing.  You can't really sue over recipes, but a video?  She thinks she has a case for that.    

I could never sit on the jury for this one.  Unless they served cupcakes.  


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