Pensacola Family Gets Through on America's Got Talent

A family band from Pensacola is getting a lot of attention.  They're called Pelican212

They bill themselves as the "world's shortest horn band featuring identical twin trumpet players. Our mission is to bring on the happy."

And they did that on America's Got Talent.  We just got to see a short clip of it, but obviously they got a good response. 

In other words, Simon really liked them!


They're brothers and sisters, ages 10 to 33.  Find out more about them here-- 


And according to the Pensacola News Journal, you have a couple of chances to catch them locally-- 

The band will perform at Gallery Night on June 16  and at St. Thomas More's MoreFest! on June 17

Feel like you've seen these kids before?  Maybe on CNN? They played for Trump's Inaugural Ball-- 


And franky, they make the guys in One Direction look old... 



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