Is That the Bat Signal?

It was an honor most fitting for the man we grew up knowing as Batman (and yes, I was one of those kids raised on BAM! POW! and Holy Bat-Trap!).  

Los Angeles lit up the Bat Signal last night, to honor the late Adam West.   The mayor, the police chief, and of course, Robin (Burt Ward) were there-- 


"Wowie Zowie" said Robin, as they flipped the switch!  

Here's the aerial view--  


And the event drew quite a crowd-- 


Of course, those who know the series noticed it was exactly the way you should aim a Bat-Signal-- but don't you think it's really the thought that counts here? Not comic book accuracy?


If you never saw the series... or could use a little refresher... here's an instance of the Bat-Signal showing up in the clouds over Gotham City.  And we all know what happens next-- To the Bat Cave!!!



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