Dad's Letter to College Son Found 24 Years Later

I've always been fascinated by Leroy Jethro Gibbs' rules on NCIS.  If you watch the show, they're very familiar (Rule #5- You don't waste good). 

Well, this list is too good to waste.  

Douglas Pittman wrote these 24 points to his son 24 years ago when his son was in college.  For whatever reason, he never gave him the letter. 

His daughter found it and shared it.  And I think it will be shared by a lot of Dads... and Moms... who see the wisdom in his words.


Not going to make you pore over all those handwritten pages... Yellowhammer News transcribed them and gave us more on the story-- 

I have to say there are a few that really hit home for me as a parent.  There are some huge lessons here.  

And some small, yet practical lessons.  (Believe it or not, we had "punchline practice" in our home... you should ALWAYS rehearse a joke before telling it!!).  

Of course, for those who can.... Call your Daddie.  Because no time spent with Mom or Dad is ever wasted.

Thank you, Mr. Pittman (and family) for reminding us.  



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