Want Ad for a Wife... from 1865!

People have been searching for mates ... well, forever.  Not sure if early man left cave drawings to aid in the search, but for a long, long time people posted ads in newspapers when they were looking for something or someone.

Here's one that's surfaced from 1865.  Good catch or not?  Hard to judge by today's standards, but at least he has good teeth!


Wish there was a way to find out if this 18 year old ever found the woman he could buy hoop-skirts for! 

Maybe we're all just romantics at heart... but this ad is making women all over the Internet swoon (and yes, that used to be a thing)


So many women reacted so strongly to the ad that at least one guy has tried using it on Tinder.  Not sure how it's working for him-- 


Gotta say, I think it loses something in the translation.  


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