ABC Liquor Store Hit By Tornado

This was the first photo I saw yesterday from the EF 2 tornado that hit Fairfield, near Birmingham.

How does a store get leveled by a twister and the bottles remain untouched?  


At first I thought it was photo-shopped.  Then other photos of the store were posted-


And to be truthful, not all the bottles made it.  Note this reporter's observation- "Strong odor of spilled liquor"


Something else that should be noted.  Some people apparently helped themselves to the bottles that made it through the storm.  That's called looting, not an open bar


And yes, there was someone inside the store.  An ABC employee suffered minor injuries.  Again, that's amazing, when you look at what happened to the store.  In all, 4 people were injured by that twister.


The store's contents were declared a total loss.  Those bottles that survived the storm were crushed and thrown away.  


No use crying over spilled milk or... well, you get the idea.  



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