Lime Skittles and Oreo Candy Canes!

Big news on the flavor front... Lime Skittles are back!  Ok, you may not have realized it, but they've been gone for about 4 years now... replaced by Green Apple.  Huge mistake in my book.

Anyway, this summer, for a limited time, you'll be able to get "Long Lost Lime" packs at select Walmart stores.


And I'm assuming you had already heard about Spicy Skittles.  Frankly, I'm thinking this is a mistake.  They're probably just thinking of it as a gimmick.  Either way, you go first on these... I'll wait and see how you like 'em!


And Ho Ho Ho Oreo!  Look who's getting into the flavored candy cane market this Christmas!  Might try these... but probably just one.  



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