TSA Makes a Big Catch-- Live Lobster in Luggage

I flew to North Carolina to see family the other day and I was so careful to make sure I had everything in order, so I wouldn't face any flight delays.

You know... like the one baggie with 3.4 oz liquids, easily accessible for going through security... and keeping my phone charger and extra battery in my purse, instead of my carry-on (because they're always asking to check those carry-ons to make sure there's enough room in overhead storage).

I've heard stories of people who accidentally packed something that held them up and made them miss flights... like the pewter letter opener my aunt HAD to bring back from Europe and should have put in the checked bag instead of the carry-on.

And there are those who intentionally try to skirt the rules.

But I've never heard of anyone trying something like this!  


A couple of things to note-- this was the "largest" he's seen... not the first!  And you actually CAN fly with live lobster-- you just have to have the right container!  (And no, it's not a Zip Loc baggie!)


The headlines are great, like this one-- 



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