Frightening Flight Didn't Have To Happen

I was on a flight to North Carolina.  We had just boarded and everyone was in their seats.  That's when the woman sitting in front of me hit the attendant call button and told the flight attendant that she didn't know who the bag in the seat next to her belonged to and she hadn't seen anyone taking that seat.

Turned out, it was another flight attendant who had set her bag down while she spoke with the attendants in the back of the plane.  But asking was the right thing to do.

I don't know if you saw the video from the Southwest Airlines flight Sunday, in which a woman tried to open the exit door midflight.  An off-duty officer and the flight attendants subdued her and the plane landed in Corpus Christi instead of Houston, to get her off the plane. 

Watch the news report of what happened and imagine yourself on that plane--


That had to be a terrifying flight!  But the reason I'm sharing it is that afterward, when people were interviewed, some witnesses mentioned they had seen the woman acting strangely at the airport, before the flight.

But they didn't say anything.

What if the unthinkable had happened?  Homeland Security has a simple Public Service campaign called "If You See Something, Say Something"  

It's as simple as going to a security officer or a flight desk or authorities wherever you are and saying, can you make sure everything's alright?

It would have kept that woman off the plane... and safely away from the Exit door midflight.

If someone had just said something BEFORE, instead of after.


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