Flesh Eating Bacteria in Fairhope?

UPDATE: Four cases of vibrio have been confirmed in Mobile County.  2 involved eating raw oysters, 2 were people who went into the water with open wounds.  Read more from the Mobile County Health Department HERE.  

A 70-year old woman from Mississippi has been in the hospital, getting treatment for vibrio vulnificus.  She says she contracted it while fishing in Fairhope.  The Alabama Department of Public Health is investigating.

People with weakened immune systems are most at risk.  Those with open wounds are also at greater risk.

Here's her story... followed by that of a man who died from flesh eating bacteria after going into the water in Texas with a new tattoo.  There's also information below on how to protect yourself.


Earlier this summer, a man died after swimming in the Gulf (off Texas) with a new tattoo


Yes, it's scary.  But there are ways to protect yourself from vibrio vulnificus.  Read more here--


(Photo credit - http://gulfcoastnewstoday.com/stories/woman-contracts-flesh-eating-bacteria-in-fairhope,51128 )


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