She Photoshopped Ryan Reynolds over Prom Date Who Dumped Her

Used to, when you got dumped after Prom... or anytime you really had bad feelings toward someone.. you just took scissors to the photo and that was that.

Now, through the magic of Photoshop, etc... you can get your revenge AND get attention from a movie star.   

At least that's what happened when Gabi photoshopped Ryan Reynolds' face over her prom date's --


Yes, Ryan responded and started #DontMessWithGabi--


Not to be outdone, the former boyfriend took aim, hitting Ryan in the pocketbook.  Well, it wasn't a BIG hit... just $11 bucks.


And this guy is trying the same technique, with Mrs. Ryan Reynolds-- 


Ok, that's going too far.  


All's well that ends well (or was it Much Ado About Nothing?)   Gabi has moved on after getting fame on Twitter-- 



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