It's a HOAX

I saw all kinds of posts over the weekend regarding Jayden K Smith... who apparently doesn't exist.  But people were warning all their friends not to accept a friend request on Facebook or he'd hack into your account and the world as we know it would cease to exist. 

Then people started posting that it was a hoax.  Some tried to be informative; others were just rude.

I just wish we could be more friendly to our friends on Facebook, don't you?  Yes, we see things all the time that we know are hoaxes (like the free airline tickets from Delta scam).  If you can send something privately and let the person know, it's so much better than slamming them in front of all their friends.  Would you want them to do that to you?

Funny... we've become less civilized as we've become more social. is still a good place to start checking anything you aren't sure about-- 


While some people were downright rude about the whole thing, some were creative.  And I have to admit... I did find this one funny.  



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