Shark Week: Michael Phelps vs Great White Shark

So this is happening.  Olympic gold medal swimmer Michael Phelps is racing a Great White shark for Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.  

So how are they doing this?  And what was it like for Michael to be in the water, up close, with a shark?  


And just a question about those 15 safety divers in the water to protect Phelps-- who was protecting them?!  

Michael admits in this interview that there was one thing that made him nervous---


It seems the odds are stacked against Phelps, even with the boost from technology with the monofin.   May not be much of a race.   But I'm kinda curious to see how he does....


There's something about Shark Week that guys really love.  Me? I'm not much for sharks... Jaws took care of that.  Though I did laugh at Sharknado (just the first one).  


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