Small Kindnesses Get Big Reaction

I love that we're spreading kindness on social media.  Much better than the political stuff we've dealt with over the past year.  I guess I just wish that kindness wasn't so unusual or out of the ordinary.  

Can we all agree to do an act of kindness each time we see an act of kindness.. instead of just hitting Share or retweeting?  You know... sort of like paying it forward. 

This one happened on the Gulf Coast.  An act of kindness in a Walmart in Biloxi, spotted by another shopper-- 


Here's another example... a young woman helping a blind Cubs fan hail a cab.  The pics were taken by someone looking on and they've been shared thousands of times-- 


Here's my favorite quote from this story from TODAY--

"It's crazy how the power of social media and networking has caused this to take off,” Hamilton told TODAY of the immense attention the photos have gotten. “To think of all of the people that have seen the post or the images or how many people have been inspired by it is kind of mind-boggling.”

So be inspired to do more than just share a post.  BE the post.  Do an act of kindness, especially when you think no one's watching.  Someone probably is.  


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