She Kept Her Winning Ticket in Her Pillowcase

When my daughter moved recently, I was throwing out some old bedding and stopped before I did, to ask if she ever hid anything in a pillowcase.  She looked at me like I was crazy.   

Well, I'm in agreement with this lady.  She won the lottery and had to keep the ticket safe until the next day, so she put it in her pillowcase to sleep on it.  She actually put it into a couple of other things first (guess she's a little more paranoid than I am, but I've never had to hide something worth $8 million!)


The other thing about this story that I really love... She's keeping a promise to her Dad that if she ever won, she would take him out for a nice glass of wine  --  in France!

Guess this person is eating their words right now... along with their losing lottery ticket-- 



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