Stuck in the Tunnel... Again

How does this keep happening?  Especially with an 18-wheeler.  

Ok, I'm not one to throw stones necessarily.  I am not without sin.  I knocked an antenna off a station van at the west entrance of the Bankhead.  In my defense, the retractable antenna had stuck and I was unaware... that is, until that awful sound when it hit... and the worse sound of it dragging under the van.

But I didn't get STUCK... nor did I cause a traffic nightmare for anyone.


And how did he get THAT far?  Guess he figured he got the front in, so the rest would surely follow?


The 12 foot limit is clearly posted.  Sirens go off as you start to enter and the sign flashes "STOP! DO NOT ENTER!".   And yet they do... 


This guy has a great idea... a fine for getting stuck!


This weekend was definitely not the first... and probably not the last.  



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