Bride Wants Friends to BID on Being a Bridesmaid!

Memo to all brides, mother-of-the-bride...and especially to bridesmaids-- Just Say NO!  

Hard to imagine this could happen... a bride wanting potential bridesmaids to bid on the honor... as if you didn't have to pay for enough already!  (And you know you'll never wear that dress again...)

Apparently, this bride is trying to get away with it... and the Internet is fighting back.  Can't wait to hear how this one turns out!!


Oh, and let's not forget... the money is going to a very good cause-- to pay for the wedding and the honeymoon.  Or, if they don't need it for that, maybe to throw a big party or something.  (Is my sarcasm showing?  I hope so)


Can't imagine anyone accepting the invitation to the auction.  But if I went, my bid would be $0.00.  Oops, guess I'm out of the running.  That's worth dancing about-- 


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