Trump Was Almost President in "Sharknado 3"

A new Sharknado is about to premiere, so the stars are making the media rounds, trying to drum up interest.  After all, this IS Sharknado 5 they're talking about.

So it stands to reason that some tidbits from previous movies... which may hold more relevance now... come out in the process.  

In other words, the President of the United States was nearly cast as President in Sharknado 3... before he decided to make a run for the real thing.


Why The Donald?  Sharknado star Ian Ziering had just worked with him on Celebrity Apprentice and thought he'd be a good one to ask...


Of course, Twitter is responding with all sorts of things-


And just in case you forgot about Sharknado 5 in all the Trump talk... it debuts this Sunday--



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