UPDATE: New Orleans Gets Dumped On

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UPDATE:  Turns out, the pumping stations in New Orleans were NOT working Saturday... and those who needed to know that were NOT told.

Some Board members have resigned, and officials are scrambling to protect the City ahead of more rain. 

The Governor has declared a State of Emergency... 

And all this WITHOUT a hurricane.  

If you didn't see the scope of flooding Saturday, keep reading:

This was the first thing I saw online about the flooding in New Orleans ... the lobby of the Hotel Monteleone in the French Quarter.   

Of course, it wouldn't be New Orleans without a pic like this!

Ever walked down this sidewalk?  Another shot from the French Quarter.

Several people noted that the French Quarter and other areas didn't flood like this in Katrina...

Just a heads up for any followers not living in New Orleans. Somehow this isn't making national news but if you have friends down here it's good to check in on them. People have lost cars, houses are being flooded, and the rains are still coming down. It's not a sudden, devastating hurricane, but there will be deep repercussions and people will need your help.

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Canal Street as an actual canal...

Here's a look at Midcity



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