Deciding on a Baby Name? There's An App For That!

Ray and I went back and forth for months.  8 and a half months. 

What to name our baby?  We didn't want to know if it was a boy or a girl until the delivery, so we had to have TWO lists.

And names I'd always loved reminded him of an old girlfriend.  Or our best friend's dog (so much for Abby!)  Or they sounded too "trendy" or too old. 

I liked Madison.  I saw a beautiful little girl named Maddie and thought that would be perfect.  He thought it was trendy.  That is, until he started researching and realized there were a lot of Madisons in his family.

I thought Madison Rae would be nice.  Ray thought it sounded like a boy's name.  

Eventually we found Rebecca and agreed that Rebecca Madison gave our little girl lots of options.  She's been Rebecca, Becca, and now Bex.  Never used the Madison part (probably because Madison was her best friend's name).  

Oh, and the boy's names?  We quickly decided on 4 sets, none of which we actually used when Mike was born.  But that's another story.

Seriously wish we'd had an app back then.   Like this one, where you swipe left for names you don't like and right for the ones you do.  And it compiles a list of the ones you both agree on.  It also lets you know what the names mean. 

Babyname doesn't necessarily CHOOSE the name for you.  It just helps you narrow down the list!



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