NASA Wants Us To Wave At The Moon

I couldn't believe what I was reading.  NASA wants us to wave at the moon during the Eclipse?  Yes, they'll be taking pictures, but no, you won't be able to see our silly grins and Eclipse glasses while we're waving. Apparently, it's just a way for NASA to build enthusiasm for the Eclipse and get us all involved--


So you keep hearing about the Eclipse and you're really not sure what to expect?  NASA breaks it down for us, just like the filmstrips we used to see in school-- 


This one's a bit campy, but it gets the point across.  Here's a video from NASA on how to watch the Eclipse safely--


For our area, there is NO SAFE TIME to look at the Eclipse without your Eclipse glasses or other safe means.  That's because we're not in the path of totality; we're only about 81%.  So keep those glasses on!


For those who couldn't get glasses or didn't want to risk it, NASA is live streaming the event--



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