Eclipse Means $700 Million Loss in Productivity

Someone did the math.  Assuming workers lose their focus on the job for at least 20 minutes due to the Eclipse today, it'll cost companies about $700 million in lost productivity--


It's an almost universal distraction, really.  But even so, it's only a drop in the bucket to what March Madness and Cyber Monday do to productivity-- March Madness costs companies $615 million AN HOUR when we're watching the games at work or checking our brackets.  Cyber Monday is $450 million every 14 minutes that we're shopping, not working.  Read more here:


Of course, some companies are using the Eclipse to throw parties, to boost morale.  Good idea, which your boss can use for the next one, right?  And they've got plenty of time to plan, because the next one isn't til 2024...



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