How To Tell If The Eclipse Damaged Your Eyes

So how many people didn't get the memo about wearing solar eclipse glasses... and how many are wondering if they've damaged their eyes because of it?  

There are reports that Google experienced a flood of searches for things like "seeing spots", "eyes hurt" and "solar eclipse headache". 


In case you're worried, here are the symptoms of solar retinopathy-

1.  Blurry vision.

2.  A central blind spot in one or both of your eyes.

3.  Distorted vision.

4.  Changes in the way you see color.

5.  Extra sensitivity to light. 


What to do about it?  See an eye doctor.  

According to a 2002 study, (quoted in the above article) "Visual acuity can improve considerably in the majorityof eclipse-related solar burns. However, the persistence of visual symptoms in those with mild burns would suggest that even brief glimpses of a solar eclipse should be avoided."


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