Creepy or Clever?

I used to read all of Stephen King's horror stories... and he's really good at scaring the daylights out of you... but I draw the line at watching some of them.

"It" in particular.  Couldn't watch it on TV.  Can't go see it at the movies.   

And I'm not scared of clowns.  Just this one.  Can you imagine a theater FULL of them?  

It's an inspired bit of marketing for a theater in Austin, Texas... along with a photo booth, raffles for prizes, and "other terrifying merriment".  

Expect to see a lot of red balloons.


The funny thing about the Clowns-Only screening?  It was the sarcastic response on Facebook to a screening of "Wonder Woman" for WOMEN only that gave them the idea!

"It" is coming to theaters September 8th.  And no, I'm not ready.  



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