Rescued from the Rooftops in Houston

It was frightening to see this tweet over the weekend... 


It's something a lot of us have never had to think of... having to get on the rooftop and wave towels to get the attention of rescuers. 


Video by Petty Officer 3rd Class Johanna Strickland U.S. Coast Guard District 8 PADET Houston

U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Houston works to rescue victims of the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Did you catch this in the video?  EVERYONE is grateful to be rescued!


The Coast Guard was also busy in the water...uh, streets.  


This is what the situation in Houston looks like-


And it's not just Coast Guard from the Gulf Coast assisting in the rescue operation. 

Saturday, Air Station Cape Cod deployed two Jayhawk helicopters and an Ocean Sentry fixed wing aircraft, along with 18 crewmembers, to Aviation Training Center Mobile, to help with search and rescue operations in Houston.   As of Sunday morning, Air Station Cape Cod crews had conducted 14 rescues in the Houston area.  


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