Should Reporters Be Out In The Storm?

I glanced at Facebook yesterday and one of my friends had posted "Jim Cantore, Get Out of the Hurricane!!"

There were several times I felt that way over the weekend.   We can see the water rising.  We can see the trees bending.  We can see debris flying. 

So is it really necessary to put a person in the middle of all that?   


At least this reporter explains that it may look dangerous, but she's actually in a safe place.  Kinda.


A couple of gusts during your report?  Ok, the case can be made that it adds a little excitement... 


The debate rises each time there's a major storm.  Is it info or ego that drives these shots?


And it's not only reporters... storm chasers also feel the need to get out in the middle of things they probably shouldn't.  

And it's not safe.  Remember the storm chasers who died in a collision with other storm chasers?


Actually, Dan Rather is the first to point out some of the reasons that strapping yourself to a tree during a storm is a bad idea.  (If you don't like snakes, don't watch this!!)

But he did make a name for himself with the way he covered Carla in the 60s... including superimposing the radar over a map, to show people where the storm was-- 



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