WATCH: He Drops Ring in the Water During Proposal!

Instead of "YES!", it was "Oh, my gosh!"

This video was like seeing my greatest fear come to life.  Ray gave me his mother's diamond on one of the smaller piers at Fairhope and I was TERRIFIED it would fall in the water.  Should have been a really romantic moment, but all I could see in my mind was that ring going in the water.  

Mine didn't.  Theirs did.  

For real.  Not staged.  He actually dropped the ring while proposing.

They even heard a little splash.


True friends are the ones who will wade through the water, searching for your ring.  


I wish I could say they found the ring and lived happily ever after.  Well, there's still hope for the "happily ever after" part, because she said "yes".    

The ring?  Not yet.  

(Photo credit: Staci Dabney Photography/ Facebook video)


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