Cameraman Plows Into Cheerleader During Halftime

This is kind of a weird coincidence.

I was just talking about this with the Sports Medicine team at AOC ... Drs. Lane, Patton and Roca... on "Ask The Expert" with Uncle Henry.  The doctors talked about being on the sidelines during a game and how it's not just the players who get injured.  Could be the refs or umpires, or the guys holding the chains.  

Or apparently even the cheerleaders.  Did you see what happened Sunday at the Kansas City Chiefs game?

This cameraman was oblivious to what the cheerleaders were doing during halftime, and he plowed right into one of them. 

She never saw it coming.  


By some reports, it was as hard a hit as any during the game-


The good news?  This cheerleader is apparently as tough as anyone on the team.  She got up and kept dancing- 


Oh, and if you missed the show.... here's the Sports Medicine Team on "Ask the Expert" with Uncle Henry



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